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One Saturday morning, you take a casual trip to the store because your favorite shoe brand just released a new shoe to the market. Since you’re a big fan, you don’t hesitate to break the bank and immediately go out to get a new pair. It’s not common to forget how these goodies wind up being transferred thousands of miles from where they were first created. We’re able to get our hands on these nifty kicks because of freight delivery services that have, these days, become advanced and efficient. Read on to check out the process of international freight and how it ends up on your doorstep:

Firstly, your store places an order for the shoes a month before the official release date to
the factory in the United States. A truck company then loads this shoes (which are
packed in cartons) from the factory into the freight container, which is then sealed and
bolted shut.

The truck then delivers the freight container to the nearest and most economical port for
sea transport. The customs officials at the port may inspect the freight to ensure there is
no foul play, but this rarely happens. The freight service provider from Australia has linked up
with a contracted shipping company to transport the container across sea. Before
transportation takes place, the shipping company has to submit documentation to the
government authorities in both countries. The information includes the importer, the
exporter, the freight provider, and the shipping company. After it is loaded onto the ship
by use of cranes, the container is now in transit to the port of say, Melbourne.

A few days before arrival, the captain of the ship has to radio in on the port to report
about the contents of the ship, and when it is expected to dock. This will prepare
government customs accordingly to inspect the ship when it arrives.

Upon receiving the go ahead to dock, the customs officials will inspect the contents and
give the green light for dock workers to begin unloading the containers using cranes.
Once unloaded, the freight will be transported to a specified warehouse in your local area
by a truck trailer. The cartons containing the shoes will then be loaded into trucks and
delivered directly to the store, where they are unpacked and put on sale.
So, it might not be rocket science to see how your shoes get to the store, but it takes a
helluva lot of effort from the freight providers to keep you up to date with the latest trends.
Hence, the next time you buy an international product, take a little time to thank providers
like One Express for fulfilling your dreams.

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