Tuesday, 16 August 2016


When we buy something online or need to transport a package, the post office or a parcel delivery service often come to mind. However, not every item can be compressed into a neat little package. So, how do you transport those items too large or bulky for traditional parcel carriers to handle? The answer, of course, is freight. Specialising in especially large and bulky shipments, or those over 45 kilos, One Express is the only name to remember to handle all of your freight services.  

In simple terms, freight is an extended version of a parcel shipping service. A freight service specialists in transporting goods from one destination to another in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. At One Express, we transport domestic goods, while utilising various freight methods, including:  by air, rail and on the road. 

When you trust your freight needs to us, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. We are responsible for ensuring everything is properly prepared for shipping. This means that your goods are boxed, packed or crated appropriately, to ensure there is no damage from when it leaves us to when it reaches its destination. 

One Express is your one-stop freight delivery service. Our expert drivers will move anything (no matter how large, bulky, heavy or fragile) to wherever you need it, on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on providing a fully comprehensive freight service, including: relocations, personal and business storage, as well as Australia wide parcel and pallet delivery. 
At One Express, one of the services we are most proud of is our interstate relocation. With One Express, freight is not limited to the transportation of parcels. We are pleased to offer one of Australia’s most professional removal services. Our specialist fleet of vehicles cater to all your removal needs, including: home, office and warehouse relocations. 

We should also be your first choice when it comes to personal and business storage needs. If you need a secure place to store your personal and business goods, our Melbourne facility is the perfect storage solution.
And if you’re still wondering whether One Express personal and business storage is right for you, consider our:

*Archiving boxes
*Warehouse space
*Pallet storage options
*No lock-in contracts (so if you’re plans suddenly change, it’s no problem)
*Free unlimited access (meaning you can come and go as you please), and;
*Free parking at the storage facility.

For More Information or need to request a freight quote please contact 1300464349 or send email to bookings@oneexpress.com.au 

Monday, 1 August 2016


When we look at the future of freight, we can safely say that it’s pretty bright. With technological advancements steadily improving, and the purchasing power of middle income countries increasing a hand-fold, it’s no surprise to see investors scrambling up and down to get a piece of the pie. So what does this mean for the freight industry? Will things look different 10 to 20 years down the line? Well, our experts strongly believe so due to the following reasons.

Automation is the future  

The advent of self-driving technology is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if it’s here, but when it will be integrated into the transport sector. Though the technology is still in its development stages, many companies are slowly but surely coming to the idea of its inclusion. So how does this affect freight? Well it’s simple; it’s safer, faster and will be much cheaper in the long run. I’m sure truck drivers will especially be threatened thinking their jobs are in jeopardy: but guess what? Automated technology still needs the ‘human touch’ to be present; just to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

A haven for investors
Since there will be fewer accidents due to automation, a greater sense of reliability and durability will be felt among customers. And what’s deemed better to investors than an industry having the complete trust of its consumers? Things won’t stop there. Technological advancements will also enable freight services brokers to collect more data along the routes: regardless of whether it’s by road, air or ship. So it will be no surprise to see a sea of investment opportunities springing forth from the industry.

For More Information or need to request a freight quote please contact 1300464349 or send email to bookings@oneespress.com.au 

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